Today on the show, we’re excited to be joined by our special guest Eva Shockey to discuss the rise of female participation in hunting, how to handle “hunter-haters” and much, much more.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Why Dan was so excited after the 2015 ATA show

– How the 2015 ATA show went for Eva Shockey

– The story of how Eva got into hunting, what her dad did to introduce her to the sport, and the full scoop on her first actual hunt

– Why Eva believes that more women are getting into hunting recently

– Eva’s advice for women that are on the fence about hunting

– How Eva feels about being a role model to female hunters and what that responsibility means to her

– What the greatest challenges are for women getting into hunting

– Eva’s thoughts on why female hunters like Kendal Jones, Melissa Bachman and herself have received so much hate from anti-hunters

– Our thoughts on the importance of representing hunters positively and how our words and behavior reflect on the entire hunting population

– The most important messages that Eva wants to use her platform to get across to people

– What Eva’s advice would be for someone facing harassment about being a hunter

– Our thoughts on smiling in photos with a dead animal and how non-hunters interpret that

– Eva’s thoughts on her favorite animal to hunt

– The scoop on whether or not Eva will be coming out with her own show!

– And much more!

Show Notes, Resources, Links:

– If you haven’t heard it already, be sure to listen to our interview with Eva’s dad Jim on Episode #19 of The Wired To Hunt Podcast

– For more information about Eva, check out her Eva Shockey Facebook Page or follow her dad’s adventures at the Jim Shockey Facebook Page

– You can also learn more about their Outdoor Channel show Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures by clicking the link

– If you missed last week’s episode of the podcast, in which we interviewed my wife and friend about what it’s like being married to whitetails addicts, make sure to catch it here –> The Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #38: Hunting Widows

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