By Mark Kenyon

Winter is here, the 2014 deer hunting season is over, and I’m settling in to my annual winter hibernation. A nightly fire, a hot beverage, a few classic tunes on the radio and a good book. That will be the story of my life for quite a few weeks to come, if not months. But of course, there’s plenty of whitetail work to be done as well.

The 2015 season has begun and so with that in mind, we’ve collected some of the best whitetail and hunting related blog posts from across the web this last week for your easy reading pleasure. Enjoy these articles, have a great weekend, and stay wired to hunt!

The Only Hunter At The Party – Wasp Blog: A great piece in which the author shares some of the most common questions he gets from non-hunters, and how he answers them.

7 Deer Hunting Myths Debunked – OutdoorHub: Interesting insight into a number of previously believed hunting myths.

Scrapes During The Rut – Winchester Blog: Dr. Grant Woods shares a few helpful thoughts on scrapes, how bucks use them during the rut, and what that means for hunting strategy.

11-Year-Old Girl Tags Booner Buck with a Bow – This story is a home run. A huge buck and a successful young female hunter, what more could you ask for in a good story?

The Outdoorsman’s Guide To Social Media – Field & Stream: Some good advice on what to think about when it comes to your social media use related to hunting/fishing!

Deer Season Is Over. Now What? – Brow Tines and Backstrap: My friend Tony Hansen contemplates the end of the season and what’s next.

Whitetail and Wine – Winchester World of Whitetail: Some good advice for using wine when cooking venison, and a simple but tasty recipe as well.