I’m excited today to share another great Wired To Hunt reader success story. It’s awesome being able to see the tangible pay-off that folks are having after reading the Wired To Hunt blog or listening to the podcast and I love sharing those stories. That said, today’s story comes from Tony Barnes who used his W2H lessons learned to kill his first buck with a bow. Congrats Tony! – MK

By Tony Barnes

“I started bow hunting this year for the first time ever.  I’d been trying to learn as much as possible and had been checking cameras and setting up food plots, feeders and stands since early May.

On November 15th I got in the stand before light after just listening to Episode #19 of The Wired To Hunt Podcast, I believe. I had went out the night before and set a stand in the woods on the corner of a field about 40-50 yards in from where I’d been seeing the same seven does come in every morning and every evening. I sat there and just like clockwork they came out of the woods behind me about twenty yards and moved South into the field I’d been seeing them in every morning.

They grazed for about twenty minutes and then came back into the woods right under my stand and moved North. After they were out of sight I rattled once and grunted a few times, and then I saw my buck.

80 yards, straight behind me, cruising in the trees looking for a hot doe. I hit my rattlers and grunted one more time and he came CHARGING to me on my left side. There he came in broadside, about ten yards out and I plugged him! He didn’t take another step and fell and died right there.


He wasn’t the buck I was after, but I enjoyed an amazing sense of accomplishment after taking what I learned from reading and the information from the podcast, then making a game-plan the night before, putting it into motion and having it all work the way I wanted.”

– Tony Barnes