Today’s reader success story comes from Kyle Spencer, who arrowed a terrific buck on the same day that his Kansas City Royals were playing Game 4 in the World Series. When it was all said and done, the Royals didn’t win that game, but I think Kyle was still a happy camper with this great buck on the ground. Congrats Kyle! – MK

By Kyle Spencer

This is the story of the buck I call the Game 4 Buck, as I killed him on the day of Game 4 of the World Series (featuring my Kansas City Royals). I did have a little bit of history with him, as I had trail cam pictures from last year. But I never could catch up to him in the daylight.


This year thoughI had him on camera pretty consistently through August and September. The last picture I had of him was on Sep 29th.


When I pulled my cards on October 17th, and he had not made an appearance,  the buck I saw down the street in the median of the highway a couple weeks with his head cut off started to bug me. I began to think that it might have been him.

I did not get a chance to get out and hunt again until Friday, October 24th. It was a pretty warm evening, and I didn’t have anything moving until after dark.  I pulled my cards again and went home to check them and there he was! He had made four appearances throughout the week, real close to daylight.

Saturday morning called for low 50’s and a SE wind at 7-10 mph, which was exactly the wind I needed to hunt him (in the ground blind that I had set up a month ago in a spot where he had frequented last year). I found my way out to my ground blind through the fog and got settled in by about 6:25 AM. The fog was pretty thick and I only had visibility of about 40-50 yards.

Eventually six doe made there way in front of me at about 7:25, and then, I heard him grunt.

I couldn’t see him yet, but it was crystal clear. It was a long slow deep grunt, and boy did that get my heart going. I reached down to slide my hand under the wrist strap, looked down to clip my release on and when I looked back up, he had already passed by my first opening. I’m not sure how I missed him doing that, but regardless he did. He then made a few quick steps towards the does and they took a few bounds off to 30 yards or so.

At this point he was walking directly at me with a little crab apple tree in between us. I could see his shorter more spread out brow times through the tree and knew it was him. He was at about 28 yards now, and I saw him start to go to his right, my left, so I leaned back and pulled my bow back, and had to lean forward on my chair to see him through the window (now shooting out the front left side window of my blind). He caught a little movement or sound and was looking back at me. He was at 20 yards quartered pretty hard, facing away and he was on a little slope down.  I felt very confident in that shot, put it a little back and let it go. My shot hit the spot and off he went.

 2014 Game 4 Buck1

I couldn’t see him go down and didn’t hear anything, so I waited 20 minutes or so and got out of my blind to look at the arrow which had broken off within the first few steps he took afterwards. I had good blood on the arrow but I figured I could give him a little time just in case.  So I went and got some breakfast and then came back with my brother-in-law. After a little tracking we found him piled up 100 yards from the shot. It was an awesome hunt!

2014 game 4 buck 2

As to my keys to success, I think there were a few things on this deer. First, having an idea of where to set this ground blind up after past years experiences with him played a huge part. It did just so happen that the wind that day was going to be perfect for that setup but if it wouldn’t have been I wouldn’t have hunted there, so playing the wind right, secondly, is always a huge key to success.

– Kyle Spencer