By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday folks! No beating around the bush today – we’re getting right to it. Below you’ll find some of the best deer and hunting related blog posts from across the web this week, compiled in one place for your easy reading pleasure. Take a look, enjoy and stay wired to hunt!

Venison for Breakfast – Winchester World of Whitetail: It’s breakfast time at the moment, and this just looks really, really good.

The Killing Tree: 4 Things That Make a Perfect Treestand Site – Outdoor Hub: Great insight into what makes a great tree stand location.

196-Inch Minnesota Monarch – Big Buck Zone: A piece I recently wrote for Outdoor Life covering the story of a great hunt by Mike Chamberlain for a monster buck.

Post-Season Whitetail Adjustments – 365Whitetail: Some solid tips for whitetail work you can take on in the post-season.

6 Reasons You Ate Tag Soup – Not sure why this season didn’t go the way you wanted? This article might help.

Salt of the Earth video – Cody Altizer: Cody Altizer, a friend of mine and past contributor to Wired To Hunt, just recently launched a short film titled “Salt of the Earth” which follows a year in the life of a serious deer hunter. In Cody’s words, “It’s a look at my history, mythology, and what the whitetail deer and the sport of deer hunting means to me.” It’s very well done and well worth a watch for anyone who loves deer. Check it out!

The MeatEater Podcast – Episode 001: Steven Rinella, the hunter/writer/communicator that I most look up to, has launched his own podcast and as you might assume, it’s great. In the first episode, Steven is joined by several friends in a Super 8 motel in Alaska talking about a whole slew of hunting related topics. Give it a listen. And speaking of podcasts, have you listened to all The Wired To Hunt Podcast episodes yet?