By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday folks! The Super Bowl is this weekend, shed hunting is right around the corner, and ya know, it’s Friday. Life is good, right? That said, to keep you well stoked on whitetails over the next couple days, we’ve collected some of the top deer and hunting related blog posts from across the web this week. Enjoy the reads, have a terrific weekend and stay wired to hunt!

Next Season Starts Now – Big Buck Zone: My latest for Outdoor Life, I discuss the last hunt of my 2014 season and the beginning of 2015.

Flipping The Switch – The Nine Finger Chronicles: W2H podcast co-host Dan Johnson shares insight into when he caught the bowhunting bug and how it’s effected his life since.

Five Wild-Game Dishes to Make for Super Bowl Sunday – The Wild Chef: Some great Super Bowl food ideas for the wild game chef.

The Ultimate Super Bowl Appetizer – Venison Jalapeno Poppers: Speaking of Super Bowl ideas, definitely try my venison jalapeno recipe for the big game!

Taking Names: Sign Up to Keep Federal Land Accessible – Outdoor Life: Outdoor Life’s Andrew McKean shares insight into why we need to concerned about the recent push to sell off our federal public lands and how it might negatively impact sportsmen.

Start Now To Make 2015 Your Best Season Ever – 365 Whitetail: Some solid advice from Cody Altizer for starting your 2015 season off right.

Whitetail Shed Hunting Habitat Clues – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis shares insight into how shed hunting can help you better understand your hunting property and the deer that live on it.

The Current State of Whitetails in North America – Wired To Hunt: Our new podcast this week is a must-listen, as we were joined by Kip Adams (wildlife biologist and Director of Education & Outreach for the QDMA) to discuss his recent research into the current state of whitetails in North America, why deer herds are declining in many parts of the country, what we can do about it, and much more.