By Mark Kenyon

If you haven’t heard, things have been a bit rough in the world of whitetails lately. On our most recent episode of The Wired To Hunt Podcast we were joined by Kip Adams of the QDMA to discuss the current state of whitetails in North America, and he laid out a number of challenges that are currently facing deer and deer hunters. Deer herds and harvests are declining drastically in some parts of the country (for example Iowa buck harvest is down 43% over past decade), we’re losing wildlife habitat at a rapid pace, disease is effecting Midwest and Northern whitetails more than ever, increased predator populations are seriously impacting fawn recruitment rates and deer management is increasingly being based more on politics than science. In short, we’ve got some serious hurdles to get over in the coming years.

And that’s why the National Deer Alliance was created this past summer. To be a common, unified voice for deer hunters to work towards positive solutions for these many challenges. And as part of this mission the National Deer Alliance is hosting the 2015 North American Deer Summit. In 2014 the first Deer Summit was hosted, with the goal of identifying what the challenges facing deer and deer hunters were. Now in 2015, with the National Deer Alliance having been created to help address these issues, the North American Deer Summit is being held to help prioritize what issues should be addressed first and to begin developing action plans.

This is an event of tremendous importance, involving all stakeholders in the world of deer and deer hunting, and it’s open to the public. That means you and me and all of our fellow deer hunters should seriously consider participating. That said, here are a few of the highlights that you should know about. For more information visit this link for more info about the North American Deer Summit.

When/Where: May 6-8 Louisville, Kentucky

Goal: The goal, as I summarized above, is “to identify specific strategies, timelines, and measurable goals for the key issues identified at the 2014 summit. This event is about establishing real solutions and actions.”

Who Can Attend: Anyone! Unlike last year’s summit, which was invite only, this Summit will be open to the general public. But there is a limited number of attendees that will be allowed, so registration is first come first serve. In addition to hunters, a large number of wildlife agency representatives, conservation organization reps, industry members, media and others will be present.

Format: This isn’t your typical convention in which you walk around a convention floor to look at new products and then hear a few speakers. This is a well planned, very engaged, very packed summit with a clear goal and plans to accomplish it. “The Summit will include two days of expert speakers, interactive sessions and panel discussions … Attendees will be actively involved in developing solutions that will impact the future of deer hunting and management.”

Speakers: There are going to be some terrific speakers, and you can read all about them at the official Summit page, but one speaker I’m particularly excited about is Steven Rinella. Yup, Rinella’s going to be there. Don’t miss it.

So if you want to be actively involved in the conversation about deer and deer hunting in America and where it’s headed, make sure to be at the 2015 North American Deer Summit. It’s not often that average hunters like you and me can be involved in something as big as this. So take advantage of it.

For more information or to get registered, click the link below.

2015 North American Deer Summit

And if you’d like to get a head start on participating, vote in this National Deer Alliance survey, asking for your feedback on which issues you’l like the NDA to be focusing on first –> Vote Here

Also be sure to become a member of the National Deer Alliance, it’s free and well worth the couple seconds it takes to sign up.