By Mark Kenyon

If you’ve been hit by the recent snow storms like I have, I doubt many of you will be out shed hunting or scouting this weekend, and that means it’s a great time to read! If that’s your plan, we’ve got you covered – as our Friday Morning Mashup is packed to the gills with great whitetail and hunting related reads. Check out these blog posts from the past week, enjoy and have a great weekend!

The Burden Is Ours – Antler GeeksA terrific piece from Tony Hansen in which he discusses a number of the challenges facing deer & deer hunters, some potential solutions and then overarching message that in the end, the responsibility to fix things rests on our shoulders. Read this!

Deer Hunters Must Decide The Fate of Deer Hunting – Big Buck Zone: Speaking of taking responsibility for improving the deer situation in America, this is article is another important call to action.

Monster In The Cornfield – Sitka Insight: Here’s a great story of the new South Dakota record whitetail buck.

Midwest Deer Herds Suffering From Habitat Loss – Outdoor Life: As you might have heard, deer populations in the Midwest are on the decline, but many don’t realize the impact that habitat loss is playing. In my latest piece for Outdoor Life, I discuss.

Ag Sec Tom Vilsack: Our New Approach to Conservation is Working – The Conservationist: Field & Stream sits down with the Secretary of Agriculture to discuss a new conservation program that the USDA has put in place.

Stubbornness – The Sportsman’s Life: Bill Heavey describes his final hunt of the 2014 season, in a way that only he can.

C.R.E.A.M. – The Nine Finger Chronicles: My W2H podcast co-host Dan Johnson breaks down how much $ he spent on hunting in 2014 and shares some tips for better planning for the big expenses next year!

Digital Scouting Tip: Identify Connecting Cover for Better Hunting on Public Land – Outdoor Life: Alex Robinson shares some great tips for using Google Maps to identify quality hunting locations.

As More Oil Spills into the Yellowstone, More Infuriating Indifference – The Conservationist: Not necessarily whitetail related, but all sportsmen and women should be concerned about the impacts that things like this are having on our wildlife and wild places. This is the kind of issue that we conservationists need to be speaking up about.