By Mark Kenyon

Are you using your trail cameras to their fullest potential? I’d venture to guess that you probably aren’t. I know for a long time I wasn’t. I’d get pictures, save the big buck shots, and then move on – happy to just get these pics and know a big buck was around. But I never really did a good job of using these photos to develop clear insights or understandings of how these deer were using my properties. Simply put, it was hard to complete a sound analysis when I had nothing more to work with than my own limited brain power and a computer folder brimming with pictures.

Luckily over the past year or so, several companies have released tools to help you organize and extract data from your trail camera photos (HuntSoft, DeerLab, HuntForce). I wrote a few months back about one such tool like this that I’ve personally been testing called HuntSoft. Huntsoft, in fact does much more than just organize and analyze trailcam photos, it can also do the same for sightings and other hunt related info, map out your property, monitor weather conditions and more. That said, after posting that first article, I received a large number of questions and curiosity about HuntSoft, how it worked, how to set it up and what kind of insights I could gain from it. So with that being the case, I decided to develop a quick and dirty video series highlighting those exact points.

Below, you’ll see my three part video series on HuntSoft, in which I walk through the basics of setting up HuntSoft, what reports and analysis you can perform with HuntSoft, and then finally an example from last season in which I actually used these reports to help develop a plan for hunting the buck many of you know as Jawbreaker. There are plenty of additional features and new ones popping up often, but these videos highlight what I’ve found to be the most useful so far for my way of hunting and given my needs as a hunter. The first video is simply set-up, so if you’re not interested in the basic how-to of that process, you might want to skip it. The second and third video are probably a little more insightful, as they discuss the analysis and reports that you can run and how that helps you as a hunter.

HuntSoft, just like all the other trail camera photo related apps and websites out there, isn’t perfect. But it’s a tool that if used to it’s fullest extent can provide a wealth of information that can help you make better hunting decisions. Whether you try HuntSoft or another of the popular tools, the biggest thing I’d encourage you to do is find some way to make better use of your trailcam photos and in-person sightings. Don’t just check your photos for big bucks, and then dump them in a folder. Don’t just watch a big buck one day and then not ask the question of why he was there. Analyze, organize, try and understand patterns, and learn from them. There’s a treasure trove of information at your finger tips, so don’t let that slip away.

Enough said, check out the video playlist below to watch the three short vids, and if you’re interested in trying out HuntSoft for yourself, click the link below. If you use promo code HSW2H, you’ll get a free month of any package you choose! Click here to try HuntSoft