By Mark Kenyon

Well it’s -16 degrees this morning here at the Wired To Hunt headquarters, and that’s the actual temperature – not the wind chill. You know what that means? It means it’s a perfect day to not go outside, and instead to build a fire and do some reading. If that’s your plan, we’re here to help with some recommended reading from across the inter-webs. Below we’ve compiled some of the best hunting and whitetail related blog posts from this past week.

Enjoy, stay warm and stay wired to hunt!

Will Winter Wipe Out Your Deer Herd? – Big Buck Zone:  An update on how deer handle winter and how this year’s weather could be effecting our local herds.

Break the Patterns Trespassers Use Against You – Some great tips for combatting the issue of trespassing on your hunting properties.

Choosing the Best Compound Bow for You – DeerLab: Solid tips for making a smart purchase decision when it comes to picking out a new compound bow.

Do Deer Prefer Non-GMO Corn? – Outdoor Life: An interesting question from my friend Tony Hansen, as he begins the process of planning corn food plots on his small property, he’s not trying to understand whether or not deer prefer non-genetically modified corn.

5 Reasons You’re A Crappy Shot With A Bow – Antler Geeks: Now’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you can improve your archery accuracy and this post from the Antler Geeks should help you make it happen.

Buck Rubs – Ignore or Interpret Them? – 365Whitetail: You’ve been told to hunt over rubs and you’ve been told to ignore them. But which is the right advice? Steve Flores dives into that topic in this piece.

The Ultimate Shed Hunting Resource – Expert Shed Hunting Tips, Tricks and Tactics: Here’s one from the W2H archives, but with shed hunting on most of our minds, I thought I’d share this piece which includes a whole host of great shed hunting tips from the likes of Bill Winke, the Drury’s, the Kisky’s, Scott Bestul, Tony Hansen, Mike Hanback and many more.