By Mark Kenyon

Last year you may remember the first ever “#ShedRally” event. The Shed Rally was a nationwide event hosted by Whitetail Properties in which everyone and anyone was encouraged to go out shed hunting on the same day and then share their experiences and photos through social media using the #ShedRally hashtag. It was a neat idea and a great way to foster new excitement about shed hunting, which it certainly did.

Given the fact that the 2014 Shed Rally was such a success, in 2015 the Shed Rally is back and it’s coming up this Saturday, March 7th. Similar to last year, on the 7th, you’re encouraged to share your most creative shed hunting photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the #ShedRally hashtag. In addition to the fun of sharing your own adventures alongside the rest of the world, the Whitetail Properties team will also be choosing some of their favorite photos/videos and awarding prizes to the lucky uploader from companies such as Realtree, Legendary Whitetails, Scentlok and Buck Knives.

That said, this week we’re going to be featuring tons of great shed hunting content to help prepare you for the #ShedRally and of course, on Saturday we’ll be posting our own updates throughout the day. So start getting ready for a great weekend of shed hunting and be sure to check out all of the shed hunting resources we’ll be sharing on Wired To Hunt over the coming days!

Are you going to be participating in the #ShedRally on Saturday? Let us know in the comments!