By Mark Kenyon

As I mentioned in an earlier post , today I wanted to share with you a few shed hunting articles I’ve written lately for other outlets, and this article “10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Finding More Shed Antlers” is going to be one that I think will help a lot of folks out. I wrote this one for and given that it’s so packed with good advice, I wanted to make sure that you all saw it.

For this article I reached out to a number of great shed hunters (such as Dan Perez, Todd Pringnitz, Mike Hunsucker, Shawn Luchtel & Jeremy Moore) and picked their brains about what they think are the most common shed hunting mistakes made by the average bone hunter. Their insight was terrific, and along with a few thoughts of my own, I was able to put together this list of mistakes that you don’t want to make the next time you go shed hunting.

If you’re heading out for the #ShedRally this weekend, keep this piece in mind, and you’ll be in good shape to find more bone than ever before. Check it out at the link below. Enjoy!

10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Finding More Shed Antlers