By Mark Kenyon

I’ve written a few shed hunting articles recently on sites other than Wired To Hunt and today I wanted to share those with you in case you don’t follow these other outlets. This first piece, published on Outdoor Life’s website is a doozy … “4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go Shed Hunting”

The topic and title of this one might surprise you, and it should. But I think I make a pretty compelling case. Before you make any assumptions though, go ahead and check out the article at the link below. I’ll leave you with this comment that was left under the original post on Outdoor Life, haha, I guess not everyone “gets it”.

“This makes no sense because most people do like to look for antlers. This article makes no sense because hunters do like to know whats on their property. Most of the population of hunters would like to see what deer made it through the last hunting season.”

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go Shed Hunting