By Mark Kenyon

Tomorrow is #ShedRally and if you’re still not sure what that is, click here. With that being the case, be sure to check out the Wired To Hunt Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds on Saturday to see how our shed hunting exploits are going. It’s sure to be a good time.

In the meantime, as we do every week, we’ve compiled below a list of the best hunting blog posts from across the web. Enjoy, good luck shed hunting, and stay wired to hunt!

What’s a (Poached) Buck Worth? – Whitetail 365: Some insight into poaching fines and repercussions across the country – the message? We are not sending poachers a consistent, clear message that deer are highly valuable to us—and we should.

If You’re a Deer Hunter, You Need to Go to the North American Deer Summit – Big Buck Zone: An important reminder to sign up and attend the 2015 North American Deer Summit

The Rise of Hipster Hunters – Sporting Classics Daily: Insight into the rising trend of a new kind of hunter entering the ranks. As far as I’m concerned, the more the merrier. Lets guide these new hunters along.

How To Build Buck Beds – Antler Geeks: A great video from my friends at Antler Geeks detailing how to build buck beds.

The Where, When, and Why of Year-round Trail Camera Placement – Outdoor Hub: Per the intro from Bernie Barringer, “here’s a calendar showing where your cameras should be placed throughout the year to help you learn more about the deer and increase your odds of bagging a big one next season.”

USDA Program Opening Private Lands to Public Hunting, Fishing – The Conservationist: The full scoop on a new program aimed at improving access for sportsmen and women.

Deep Dish Venison Pie – A pretty tasty looking venison pizza recipe.

15 Must-Read Shed Hunting Resources:  This one’s from our own archives, and it includes links to 15 great shed hunting articles from across the web. Be sure to check these out before heading out shed hunting this weekend!