By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday folks! I’m finally feeling like spring is in the air and it’s a refreshing change from the frigid misery most of us have been enduring for the past four months or more. That said, I’m hoping you’ve got plans to get outdoors in the coming days. But if you’re not, or if you’re just looking to burn some time this Friday afternoon, we’ve rounded up some of the best hunting related blog posts from the past week for your reading pleasure.

Take a look, enjoy and have a great weekend!

Ohio Hunter Gets Redemption With Double Drop-Tine – Big Buck Zone: Some “horn porn” to kick off your Friday, this is one impressive Ohio buck and a neat story too.

Have We Killed Too Many Does? – A great post from Matt Ross, in which he examines how we as individual hunters can do a better job of measuring the status of our local deer populations

5 Reasons You’re A Crappy Shot With A Gun – Antler Geeks: Now’s a great time to work on improving accuracy with your weapon of choice and if you’re a gun hunter, you’ll definitely want to keep these five things in mind.

Bustin A Bedroom – Winchester World of Whitetails: Scott Bestul shares why he’s scouting doe bedding areas at this time of year.

Will Congress Show Respect for Hunters and Anglers in Third Attempt at Sportsmen’s Act? – The Conservationist: An update on the most recent attempt at getting the Sportsmen’s Act passed through congress.

A Year Without Deer Hunting? – Tony Hansen explores a recent proposal in North Dakota that could potentially lead to resident hunters having the possibility of not being able to hunt a given year, and what that means.

Hung Up On Hipster Hunters – Sporting Classics Daily: A torrent of recent articles about the rise of “Hipster Hunters” has caused quite a stir and this piece explores that a bit. I’ve got a lot to say on the topic, but in short, let me say this. We need more folks joining our cause, and if they’re slightly different culturally than you or me, so be it! We, hunters, are a minority in this country, and it seems foolish to turn away anyone who’s honestly interested in joining our ranks. We need all the help we can get.

On Hipsters and Hunting – The Gun Nut: More on the topic of “Hipster Hunters”.