By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday folks! We’ve made it through another week and that means we’re seven days closer to the 2015 hunting season. In my humble opinion, that’s pretty darn good news. That said, there’s plenty of deer hunting goodies out on the web to help scratch that itch and we’ve rounded up the best for you today.

Check out our list of the best hunting related articles from across the web this week, enjoy and have a great weekend!

Joe Rogan Talks Hunting, Eating Meat, and Anti-Hunters – Petersen’s Hunting: Comedian and popular podcast host Joe Rogan talks about his introduction to hunting, his thoughts on eating meat and killing it himself.

This Is Our Land – The Conservationist: Another reminder regarding the dangers of transfer of ownership of our federal public lands.

The Reality of Food Plots – Whitetail 365: Food plots are awesome, but they’re not always easy. Will Brantley reminds us of the realities of food plots.

4 Ways to Get Serious About Spring Scouting – Big Buck Zone: A few quick tips for spring scouting.

Give It A Rest – Winchester World of Whitetail: Smart venison cooking advice and the power of letting your meat rest.

My New Rule for Deer Season: No More Banking Bucks – Outdoor Life: Andrew McKean shares his new thought process when it comes to making the “shoot or don’t shoot” decision.

Becoming A Better Predator – The Nine Finger Chronicles: Some great fitness tips from a personal trainer designed to help you become a more effective hunter.

Winter Feeding Kills 12 Deer in New Hampshire – Big Buck Zone: An important reminder regarding the potential risks of winter supplemental feeding of deer.

5 Reasons Your Game Meat Tastes Gamey – The Wild Chef: Five things to consider when trying to cook tasty venison.