By Mark Kenyon

It’s not every day that mainstream celebrities step out in support of hunting, but we’re lucky right now to have just such a person in Joe Rogan. Rogan, a comedian, former host of Fear Factor, and popular podcaster, has become one of the most public and outspoken proponents of hunting in recent years and it’s undoubtedly opening a new audience’s eyes to the benefits of hunting.

Petersen’s Hunting magazine has Rogan on the cover of their April/May issue this month, and as part of their feature they’ve shared a great video interview with Rogan about his experience getting into hunting, the benefits of eating wild game and much more. It’s well worth a watch, so check out the video below – and then, if you haven’t yet, check out his podcast interviews with Steven Rinella, Jim Shockey and Cameron Hanes. Great stuff.

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