By Mark Kenyon

You know this, but I’ll say it anyway. It’s harder than ever to get access to good hunting ground. And even if you do have spots you can hunt, there’s the constant chance that you could lose it. With this being the case, if you don’t own land, it’s crucial to always be working to secure more access.

That said, now is a great time to get working on that very task. And trust me, it does require work – sometimes a lot. So, to help make sure you’re getting after it and getting permission on new ground, I wanted to share a few resources that should help your cause.

Check out the articles, videos and podcasts below, put a plan in place and then get out there. It’s door knocking season.

4 Tips to Tackle Door Knocking Season – Outdoor Life: A recent post I wrote for Outdoor Life in which I detailed four quick tips for getting hunting permission.

Wired To Hunt Podcast – Episode #14 – Gaining Hunting Permission on Private Land: In this episode of the podcast we dive deep into the topic of getting hunting permission and share our strategies and processes for picking up new ground.

5 Tips for Getting Hunting Permission on Private Ground: A video I shot last year sharing a few more tips for gaining hunting permission.

Scouting for Hunting Permission – Chris Eberhart: This guest post from DIY hunting legend Chris Eberhart details his process for gaining new hunting permission.

The Lost Art of Keeping Hunting Permission: Gaining hunting permission is awesome, but once you have it, you still need to work hard to keep it. Here’s how.