By Mark Kenyon

Just a few weeks ago we had Dustin Lutt and Aaron Hitchins (of Rockhouse Motion) on The Wired To Hunt Podcast discussing their film “Game of Inches“, and now word is starting to trickle out about their newest endeavor.

Just last week, the trailer for their new project “Deer Year” was released and it’s two and half minutes of whitetail eye candy that you don’t want to miss.

After seeing the trailer for the first time I needed to know more, so I reached out to Aaron Hitchins to get a few more details. And according to him “Deer Year” is an 8 film series, shot across North America, “that chronicles the annual pursuit of whitetails, from shed hunting, through the off-season and to the end of the season in December.” Also of note, each film will be released during the time of year it was shot, keeping it relevant to what us hunters are actually experiencing at that time of year. That said, check out the trailer below and get pumped for “Deer Year”, coming soon.

Teaser – Deer Year from Sitka Films on Vimeo.