By Mark Kenyon

Last week on The Wired To Hunt Podcast we walked through all the gear that Dan and I use on our various deer hunting adventures, and coming out of that conversation I was reminded of an important point. Hunting gear can be really expensive. And it adds up really stinkin fast! That said, there are ways to get around that. In today’s internet age especially, the opportunity to get good gear at a discount is exceptionally high if you know where to go.

With that being the case, today I’m sharing seven different online options where you can get your hands on some high quality hunting gear for a much lower than usual price. Check them out, and if you know of any other good sites worth looking into, let us know in the comments! CamoFire is a hunting gear daily deal site that’s been around for a good number of years now and has garnered a pretty loyal following. I have a handful of buddies who check it regularly, and have picked up a number of items from Sitka Gear for a substantial discount. Each day CamoFire has up to 5 different items on sale at a deep discount, and they sell til inventory is gone. It’s not the kind of place to go when you have something specific that you need right now, but it’s a site worth checking in on occasionally to see what the latest deals are.

Hunt of the Day: Another daily deal site, Hunt of the Day offers a series of significantly discounted products each day.

DVOR: Similar to CamoFire, DVOR offers highly discounted items, but uniquely you must be a member to get access to the sales. Luckily it’s a free membership and registration is quick and painless. DVOR offers products in the hunting category, as well as many items related to shooting, camping and other activities. Well worth checking out.

The Clymb: The Clymb is another membership deal site, but this one is more focused on non-hunting outdoor activities like hiking, running, climbing, etc. That said, there are still a lot of items that come up for sale that could be used by hunters, especially if you do any backcountry hunting.

ArcheryTalk: ArcheryTalk is one of the largest internet forums for hunters, and with that being the case, it’s classified section is home to a whole host of different hunting products that bowhunters are trying to sell. Classifieds are inherently a bit tricky, but if you’re willing to take a gamble, ArcheryTalk is a great place to look. Many other popular hunting forums have classified sections too, and they’re work looking into as well.

Craigslist: Speaking of classifieds, the original online classifieds option, Craigslist, is still an old standby and always a good place to check for used hunting gear at a good price.

Ebay: And finally another internet legacy player, Ebay, still remains a great option for getting quality gear at low prices. The auction model of Ebay inevitably allows those that are committed to paying attention to get good deals.

Sierra Trading Post: A major online retailer, Sierra Trading Post specializes in selling overstocks and closeout products at a discount. There is hunting gear for sale here, but also lots of camping and general sporting goods, all at pretty darn good prices.