By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday folks!

As we do every week, we’ve collected a rundown of some of the best hunting related articles from across the web. So without further adieu, take a look at the links below and have a great weekend!

Take a Holistic Approach to Habitat Management Projects – Big Buck Zone: My latest for Outdoor Life explores the importance of approaching habitat improvements with a big picture perspective.

QDMA’s Guide to Summer Food Plots – An awesome resource for anyone looking to plant food plots this spring/summer.

Revealed: The Truth About Spotlight Deer Surveys – Deer & Deer Hunting: How accurate are spotlight deer surveys? This article reveals.

FOX Business Calls Eva Shockey ‘New Face of Hunting’ – Field & Stream: Make sure to check out Eva Shockey’s latest appearance on FOX, as she speaks about the changing trends in hunting.

Ways to Avoid Conservation Tunnel Vision – Outdoor Life: A call to action for hunters.

Whitetail Project: Make a Big-Buck Bedding Area – Field & Stream: Solid advice for how to create buck bedding areas.

Who Controls Your Fawn Supply? – Insight into the impact that predators have on fawn recruitment.