By Mark Kenyon

Unless you’ve been living under a log the past year, you likely know that this week is the start of the most important deer hunting related event of the year. The 2015 North American Deer Summit.

I’m going to be making the drive down to Louisville, Kentucky tomorrow to join in on the conversation myself and to report back to you on what’s happening. But there’s lots to know about the 2015 Deer Summit before it begins.

Earlier this week I wrote on Outdoor Life’s website about the three outcomes I’d like to personally see come from the Summit, but today I wanted to lay out a few details in regards to what to expect from the next few days at the Summit and how you can follow along from home. So if you can, head on down to be a part of the event, but if not, make sure to follow along and engage in the Deer Summit conversation online!

What To Expect

– For a complete overview of what the 2015 North American Deer Summit is all about, visit the National Deer Alliance website or check out my summary “What You Need To Know About the 2015 North American Deer Summit”

– Expert Speakers: Many of the most important issues that deer hunters are concerned about right now will be discussed at the Summit and some of the world’s top wildlife experts and advocates will be speaking including Steven Rinella, Dr. Gary Alt, Shane Mahoney, Brian Murphy, Kip Adams, Miles Moretti,  Dr. John Fischer, Ron Reagan, Dr. Mike Chamberlain, Craig Dougherty and many more.

– Facilitated Discussions: Summit participants will be brought together to participate in brainstorming and discussions regarding the current issues facing deer and deer hunters and how best to take action. The end goal of this event is “to identify specific strategies, timelines and measurable goals for the key issues identified at the 2014 Summit. This event is about establishing real solutions and actions.” These facilitated discussions will be a big part of meeting that goal.

How To Follow Along At Home

On-site registration is still open if you want to drive down to Louisville and join in, starting at 1:00 PM on Wednesday, May 6th. But if you can’t make it down, there are still going to be a number of ways you can stay on top of the Summit events from your computer or smartphone. Here’s how …

– First, follow the National Deer Alliance Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts where photos, quotes, updates and videos will be shared throughout the Summit.

– Secondly, follow Wired To Hunt on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well – as I’ll personally be posting live updates throughout the week

– Keep track of the #2015DeerSummit hashtag, which will be used in all tweets/Facebook posts about the Summit and use it yourself when talking about the Summit or if you have questions you want answered

– Check out the National Deer Alliance YouTube page throughout the Summit, as video clips from various speakers will be posted, including keynotes from Steven Rinella and Shane Mahoney

– Head over to the National Deer Alliance Facebook page on Thursday, May 7th at 3:15 PM to participate in a LIVE Q&A session with conservation visionary Shane Mahoney, and come back at 12:00 on Friday, May 8th for a similar live Q&A with wildlife biologist Dr. Gary Alt

– Look out for links on the National Deer Alliance Twitter account during the week to live streaming video of the Summit, using new live-streaming mobile apps Periscope and Meerkat (will be testing both)

– And by the way, 25-50 lucky National Deer Alliance followers will be winning free National Deer Alliance hats this week. All you need to do is participate in the conversation during the Summit by using the #2015DeerSummit hashtag this Wednesday through Friday. Winners will be messaged on Twitter or Facebook, depending on where you post!