Today on the show we’re diving into the sticky topic of deer hunting politics, policies and problems. So buckle up, cause this one get’s a little feisty.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– How Dan’s first weeks of being a dad to his new son have went

– A recap of why the 2014 North American Deer Summit was held last year and why/how the National Deer Alliance was formed last summer

– What the goals of the 2015 North American Deer Summit were

– Who was and who wasn’t in attendance

– I rant

– A very brief overview of Day 1 at the Summit, beginning with the State of Whitetails and Mule Deer in America

– A whole bunch of thoughts on the captive deer industry

– I rant

– Disease impacts on deer

– Predators and deer

– And we even dive into the wolf debate

– Learning to disagree without being disagreeable

– I rant

– Challenges between hunters and wildlife agencies

– How to increase hunter recruitment and a conversation of if we should even do that

– Why you should join the National Deer Alliance

Show Notes, Resources, Links:

– To join the National Deer Alliance, visit

– For more details regarding what happened at the 2015 North American Deer Summit, visit this link for a summary of articles on Outdoor Life

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