Today on the show we’re discussing quality deer management co-ops, and we’re joined by an expert on this topic, Anna Mitterling.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Recapping our trail camera projects and our 2015 turkey season

– Who is Anna Mitterling and what does she do as a wildlife cooperative coordinator

– What is a QDM co-op

– Do QDM co-ops work?

– Can co-ops lead to bigger bucks?

– How to talk to neighbors about joining a co-op or starting to manage for better deer?

– How to handle enforcing standards within co-ops

– Kids and co-ops

– Roadblocks to co-op success

– How to find a co-op or start one yourself

Show Notes, Resources, Links:

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– Here are some of the resources Anna Mitterling recommended you check out …

Her blog on the MUCC website

A map of all co-ops in Michigan

– How to Organize a QDM Cooperative

– Kip’s Korner: Start a QDM Cooperative

– Deer Hunters in QDM Cooperatives Enjoy Higher Hunting Satisfaction

–  7 Steps to a Successful Cooperative

– QDM vs. Trophy and Traditional Deer Management

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