By Mark Kenyon

Food plots are sprayed. Turkey tags are filled. Trail cameras are hung. Venison is ready for the grill this Memorial Day weekend and now I’m just waiting for those velvet racks to get to growing.

As I wait, I’ll certainly be doing plenty of whitetail reading – and today we’ve got a great round-up of whitetail and hunting related blog posts from across the web this week. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

How to Get a Killer Food-Plot Machine for Under $5K – Whitetail 365: Will Brantley details how he was able to whip together a great food plotting tractor/accessories for under $5K

20 Best DIY Whitetail States for 2015 – North American Whitetail: An updated list of the top DIY whitetail states for this year

A Simple Key to Scent-Free Deer Hunting Success – Deer & Deer Hunting: Dan Schmidt’s simple steps to proper scent control

What Does Gamey Wild Game Really Mean? – The Wild Chef: Wise words from David Draper and Steven Rinella about “gamey” meat

The Magic & Myths of Fawns – Interesting facts about whitetail fawns

What Makes A Great Deer Hunter? – Winchester World of Whitetails: A profile of legendary big buck hunter Adam Hays

The Important Places: A Short Film About Father, Son and the Colorado River – Field & Stream: This isn’t a hunting film, but it’s so good and it’s so relatable for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, that I think many of you will enjoy this

Natural Browse Plot Creations for Deer – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: More great whitetail habitat ideas from Jeff Sturgis

Burger Madness – Winchester World of Whitetails: One awesome looking venison burger recipe