By Mark Kenyon

I “cut the cord” in 2013 and I’ll never go back. By that, of course, I mean I stopped paying for TV service and now instead consume all of my video/TV content online. And in doing that, I cut my TV related bills by about 80%, I decreased the amount of time I wasted watching stupid reality shows, increased the amount of time I spent reading books, AND still am able to watch plenty of great hunting shows and films online. And it’s not just me. Millions of people are cutting the cord and it’s a trend that’s not going to stop. Online is where TV and films are going.

Luckily, a decent number of folks in the hunting industry have realized this too, and have been making their shows and films available online. That said, today I’m sharing my top online hunting video destination sites, shows and films to watch online in 2015.

So grab a bowl of popcorn, check these out and enjoy!

Destination Sites

Drury On Demand: Want to watch any of the past DVDs or TV shows from Drury Outdoors? You can just about watch them all here on Drury On Demand, where you can download almost the entire Drury catalog to watch online.

Realtree.TV: Similar to DOD, on Realtree.TV you can download many of Realtree’s shows or DVDs to watch online, including all of their Monster Buck titles.

Carbon TV: Carbon TV is quickly becoming the online network for hunting and fishing programming. Think of this as an on-demand TV channel, where you can explore and choose which show you want to watch online. There are tons of great hunting shows available here, many of which you’ll be familiar with from the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and others. HunterVids is another aggregator of hunting shows and films, but this one features more of the up-and-comers and not just the established shows, as you might see more of on Carbon. Also, unique to Carbon, HunterVids has a lot more short films.


Patient Tenacity – White Knuckle Productions: The latest DVD from our friends at White Knuckle Productions is out and this year it’s available for online streaming/download too. It’s a good one!

MeatEater TV: You can watch Steven Rinella’s MeatEater TV online on-demand. If you haven’t caught these yet, you’ve got to give them a watch.

Dream Season 18: New for 2015, the Drury’s latest installment in the Dream Season DVDs is available this year online and it looks to be a good one.

Whitetail Madness 18: The Drury’s 2015 edition of Whitetail Madness covers a year in the life of the whitetail addicts at Drury Outdoors. It looks like some big ole bucks go down to the Drury brothers & co.

GrowingDeer.TV: Dr. Grant Woods’ long-running online TV show Growing Deer TV is one of the best in the business. Must-see TV if you’re into managing and hunting whitetails.

Behind The Draw: Our friends at Heartland Bowhunter revolutionized the hunting show world more than half a decade ago, and in this new online mini-series they keep the super high quality vids coming.

Bowhunt or Die: This web show, running for several years now, from the guys at is one of the best bowhunting/deer related shows out there – online or on TV.

Monster Bucks XXIII Vol 1: The 2015 releases from Monster Bucks look jam-packed with big deer, as usual and now are available for download.

Monster Bucks XXIII Vol 2: Part 2 of the 2015 release from Monster Bucks, featuring hunting from the likes of Nick Mundt, Kandi Kisky and Lee Lakosky.

White Knuckle Productions Webshow: If you enjoy Patient Tenacity, make sure to check out the White Knuckle Productions web-show as well.

Midwest Whitetail: One of the first online hunting shows available way back in 2008 I think, Bill Winke and Midwesth Whitetail led the online video revolution and they’re still putting out awesome videos. One of the best ways to scratch your whitetail itch during the season if you can’t be hunting.

Montana Wild: The guys at Montana Wild are making some of the best hunting/fishing films out there, do yourself a favor and dive into their video archives on Vimeo.

Major League Bowhunter: Jeff Danker, our podcast guest in Ep 15, is joined by Matt Duffy and Chipper Jones in this great show, which is available online in addition to its TV air times. Great hunts, helpful educational discussions and diagrams, and big deer.

Hallowed Ground Outdoors: Some of the best quality hunting video you’ll see in the biz, the guys at HGO have many episodes available online and they’re well worth a watch.

Apex Predator: This new show featuring Remi Warren showcases a fascinating look at the world’s top predators and how we human hunters might learn from them. Available for download on-demand as they release.

Heartland Bowhunter Season 7: If you can’t get enough Heartland Bowhunter, their entire Season 7 is available for download from iTunes. It’s epic.

Greenback Tactical Hunters: Here’s another great option for any hunter looking for beautiful production and great hunts, many episodes are available online.

Breaking Point TV: The guys at The Breaking Point TV are not only Wired To Hunt readers, but also great hunters and filmmakers. Check out their series, now available on Carbon TV.

Have other recommendations? Let us know in the comments section!