By Mark Kenyon

If you’ve been following the Wired To Hunt Podcast or Instagram, you’re likely aware that I’ve vacated the Midwest for an extended stay enjoying the wilds of the great American West. And while that’s all well and good, rest assured my mind is still on whitetails.

With less than 4 months until opening day for deer hunting in my home state, there’s plenty of planning and projects yet to do – and so it goes every summer. That said, if you’re looking to keep primed on all things whitetail, we’ve got you covered today on the Friday Morning Mashup. As always, we’ve rounded up the top blog posts from across the web this week for your reading pleasure. So enjoy and have a great weekend!

5 Ways to Tank Your Out-Of-State Hunt Before It Starts – Big Buck Zone: My latest for Outdoor Life, I cover five mistakes you don’t want to make leading up to your next out-of-state hunting trip.

3 Ways Shot Placement Affects Venison Quality – Deer & Deer Hunting: Dan Schmidt details how your shot placement actually might impact the quality of your venison.

9 Ways To Score Private Hunting Permission – Outdoor Life: Need more places to hunt? Check out these tips for gaining hunting permission.

The Crossbow Conundrum – A Sportsman’s Life: Bill Heavey dives into the crossbow debate and adds his take.

The Case for a National Hunting and Fishing Access Stamp – Open Country: Would you pay for a general hunting/habitat stamp to help improve hunting habitat and access? Andrew McKean makes his case for one.

Easy Doe Hunting Equals Herd Success – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis makes a case for creating easy doe hunting opportunities on your property.

Whitetail Burrito – Winchester World of Whitetails: A great looking summer venison recipe.