By Mark Kenyon

If you’ve followed Wired To Hunt for long, you know that one of my favorite whitetail experts to tap for advice is Dan Infalt. Dan is a no-nonsense DIY whitetail hunter who chases big bucks on highly pressured private and public properties, and still consistently is killing mature animals. He does it with an attention to detail, a high amount of scouting, a willingness to hunt bedding areas, and an obsessive understanding of wind. And this week I discovered a super helpful resource from Dan that focuses on this topic of wind.

Just recently Infalt started his own podcast series, and in episode #1 he dives deep into how wind and thermals impact how he hunts. As always with Dan, this conversation is jam-packed with very specific ideas and insights for the serious big buck hunter. It’s a one hour master-class on wind and thermals, that in my opinion, all hunters should hear.

That said, I’d highly recommend giving it a listen. You can click the link below to go to that podcast page and listen now.

Hunting Beast Podcast Episode #1: Wind and Thermals with Dan Infalt

And if you haven’t already heard our two Wired To Hunt Podcast episodes with Dan, be sure to listen to those ASAP, they’re great. Links are below.

Episode #3: Scouting and Hunting Heavily Pressured Whitetails w/Dan Infalt

Episode #27: Hunting the October Lull w/Dan Infalt