By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday folks! As usual, we’ve rounded up the top hunting blog posts from across the world wide web and dropped them right here for your easy access. And we’ve got some especially good ones today too!

Read on, have a great weekend, and get pumped for deer hunting! Just a few more months …

How To Hunt a Deer Bedding Area – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Great tips from Jeff Sturgis on how and when to hunt bedding areas.

When Chronic Wasting Disease Hits Home – Big Buck Zone: My take on the discovery of CWD in Michigan.

Natural Protein Roundup – Shane Mahoney, the acclaimed conservationist, has officiall launched his initiative to quantify the impact of hunting/fishing from a food perspective. This article shares more details.

Increase the Value of Raw Hunting Land: Learn From Dan Perez’s Story – Whitetail Properties: An older article, but one we didn’t share earlier and that has some interesting insights into how Dan Perez made his property into a gem.

Whitetail Deer, A History: The Rewards of Hunting a Specific Buck – Outdoor Life: My thoughts on the intangible rewards of hunting one specific buck.

More Hunting, Fishing on National Wildlife Refuges? – The Conservationist: New hunting opportunities on national wildlife refuges are on the way!

When To Hang A Tree Stand – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Some insights into the best times for hanging stands and reasons why.

How to Keep Deer Out of Your Food Plots (for Now) – The Game Changers: The title says it all.

Annuals vs. Perennials – The great perennial versus annual food plot debate continues.

Senate Should Start Over On Interior, Environment Appropriations Bill – News out of congress isn’t good for conservation.

Semi-Guided Bowhunts: What to Ask and When to Go – Outdoor Life: Insights into whether or not a semi-guided hunt is for you.