By Mark Kenyon

As we do every Friday, we’ve rounded up the best deer hunting blog posts from across the web this week, and dropped them all into one place, where you can pick and choose exactly what you want to read without needing to spend an hour browsing the web. Pretty damn convenient, don’t ya think?

Enjoy and have a great weekend scouting, checking trail cameras and hanging stands!

How Last Year’s Trail Camera Photos Can Help You Kill a Buck This Year – My latest for Outdoor Life dives into one of the many lessons I took from my recent interview with Mark Drury. (If you haven’t heard that interview yet, what are you waiting for? It’s one of our best.)

A buck in every Prius: Enviro-hunter hybrids and beyond – A really, really great article – exploring the need to band together with other communities that value wild places and animals, and work together to protect these incredible resources … “As millions of hunter, angler, environmentalist hybrids know, we share common values, common histories, and common concerns for the future. United, we wield formidable political power. Divided, we serve those who profit from exploitation.”

Fit to Kill: 3 Exercises for Bowhunters – Total Outdoorsman: A few ways to stay conditioned for bowhunting leading up to the season.

Rainfall 2015: Good Deer Health & Big Antlers – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer Blog: You might be sick of the rain, but it’s a good thing for deer. Here’s why…

The Reality of Hunting Pressure – John Eberhart’s ScentLok Blog: John Eberhart dives into the topic of hunting pressure and what it means for deer hunters.

The Midwest Is Not Dead – Despite recent population struggles, deer hunting in the MIdwest is not dead. At least that’s what this writer says (and I agree!).

Why Field Edges are Perfect for an Opening-Day Ambush – The Game Changers: A few thoughts on early season ambushes.

When To Scout For Mature Bucks – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis fills us on on the best time to scout for mature bucks.

CWD Marches Ahead on Two Fronts – An update on CWD incidents across the country.

Debunking Blood-Trail B.S. – Some terrific blood trailing advice from one of the most experienced trackers around.