By Mark Kenyon

I’ve recently been dreaming, as I often do, about the idea of buying my own little chunk of hunting property. And when I start thinking about hunting properties, I usually end up on or a similar site, where I’ll spend hours and hours drooling over potential hot-spots, aerial photos, and trail camera pictures of the studs that live there.

This time, while doing my usual fantasizing, I ended up over on the WP YouTube channel and that finally got me to what’s now our video of the day. This sizzle reel of sorts from Whitetail Properties TV is just oozing with beautiful landscapes, big bucks and everything else that we dream of all summer as whitetail addicts. So if you’re looking to scratch the itch, this video ought to do it.

And if you’ve got a dynamite hunting property you want to sell for super cheap, you know who to call!