By Mark Kenyon

It’s been a light week on Wired To Hunt due to some time away from the computer desk to see family and a variety of technical issues taking the site down (my apologies for the inconvenience!). None the less, we’ve still got your Friday Morning Mashup, rounding up the top deer hunting blog posts from across the web this week. That said, enjoy the articles below and come back next week for a new podcast and plenty of new posts on Wired To Hunt to scratch your whitetail itch.

Bowhunting Prep: How Long Can You Hold at Full Draw? – Big Buck Zone: The importance of understanding how long you can hold at long draw and how you might be able to increase that.

Why I Hate Tenderloin – The Wild Chef: Hate tenderloin? How dare he …

Grow ’em Big: How Many Whitetail Does Should You Shoot?: The age-old question of how many does to shoot is answered.

A Better Height To Hang Trail Cameras – Winchester World of Whitetail: Solid trail camera tips from Scott Bestul.

Shoot Like the Bowhunting Pros – Some great bow shooting tips to help you in the field this fall.

VIDEO: Why Is Buck Age Important in QDM? – Lindsay Thomas Jr. explains this useful benefit of knowing buck age. He uses two bucks from different regions – but of the same age – as a visual example.

Mid Day Rut Hunting Hotspots – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis shares some advice on where to hunt during the rut in the mid-day.