By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday guys and gals! As we do at the end of each week, we’ve scoured the internet for the best hunting related blog posts from across the web and collected them here in one place. And this week, we’ve got a boat-load of links.

That said, there’s no time to waste. Have an awesome weekend and enjoy all of these hunting reads!

The Secret to Deer Hunting Success: What I Learned from Interviewing 30 Whitetail Experts – Outdoor Life: In my latest for Outdoor Life, I share the greatest deer hunting secret I’ve learned over the past year of interviewing some of the top whitetail hunters in the world for The Wired To Hunt Podcast.

Deep Thoughts on What a Deer Smells and Sees – A Sportsman’s Life: Bill Heavey wracks his brain trying to understand how a deer sees and smells.

Whitetail Scouting: 4 Mantras for the Public Land Deer Hunter – Outdoor Life: Some good advice for public land deer hunters.

The Real Meaning of “Summer Pattern” – Whitetail 365: Deconstructing what a “summer pattern” actually is.

How Many Acres Of Food Plot Should I Plant? – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Ever asked this question? Jeff Sturgis has an answer.

Ted Nugent: Irrational CWD Fears Are Hurting the Hunting Tradition – Deer & Deer Hunting: A number of people have sent me this article and asked for my thoughts. So I’ll give them. I disagree with these opinions strongly.  More important though than my own opinion on this, I’ve spoken to several very well respected and well educated wildlife/deer biologists about this article too, and they both agreed that it is factually wrong, misleading and that these beliefs are downright harmful to the long-term health of our deer herds and deer hunting. Also, the video included, from what I understand, is simply a marketing piece that was paid for by a deer farmer’s lobbying group. I love Ted’s music and his passion for hunting and the protection of the 2nd Amendment, but on this kind of stuff, we do not see eye to eye.

The Great Deer Decline: Are the Good Ol’ Days Over? – Petersen’s Bowhunting: Is the best deer hunting behind us?

Spray a Scrape – Winchester World of Whitetails: Tips for starting mock scrapes in the summer.

Threat Level Based on Scent Potency – The Nine Finger Chronicles: My co-host on The Wired To Hunt Podcast shares some thoughts on how the recency or potency of our human scent might translate into differing reactions from deer.

What Deer Eat: A Seasonal Guide To Nutrition – A helpful guide to what deer eat and when.

The 4th Annual Diverge Photo Contest – If you’re interested in participating in Sitka’s Diverge photo contest – check out the details here. You could win a full Sitka system!

Create Your Own Funnels and Pinch Points – 365 Whitetail: Good tips for creating funnels on your property through habitat manipulation.