** Updated 9/26/17 **

By Mark Kenyon

I might be biased, but I’ve become a firm believer that podcasts have quickly become one of the most powerful resources for those looking to learn about hunting and the outdoors. Whether you’re mowing the lawn, driving to work or running on the treadmill – you can always pop on a podcast and get your daily hunting fix, whenever and wherever you want. For a long time the podcast world has been lacking in quality hunting shows, but in recent years the options have grown exponentially – so much so that today’s crowd of hunting podcast options can get pretty confusing.

Today I’m breaking down what I believe are the top podcasts available today for hunters. My criteria for this list included quality of content and conversation, production quality, recency/frequency of episodes, and a few less-quantifiable metrics that amount simply to my opinion. That all said, if you love hunting and you want to fill some spare time with a good listen, these are well worth checking out.

The Top 12 Hunting Podcasts:

Wired To Hunt Podcast: Obviously I’m a little biased, but with more than 700 5-star reviews and millions of downloads each year, Wired To Hunt is the highest rated whitetail hunting podcast online and one of the most listened-to hunting podcasts in the world. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and if you’re an avid deer hunter this is a podcast you need to be listening to. Podcast guests have included the likes of Mark Drury, Lee Lakosky, Jim Shockey, John Eberhart, Don Higgins, Dan Infalt and many other whitetail hunting greats. And with that, I’ll end our shameless self-promotion. Click here to check out our most recent episodes and to get more info.

MeatEater Podcast with Steven Rinella: Hosted by author and TV show host Steven Rinella, this podcast is one of my favorites, as Steve and friends dive deep into discussions on outdoor adventures, hunting tactics & philosophy, fishing, wild game preparation and much more. For smart, intellectual and fascinating conversations related to hunting – this podcast can’t be beat.

HuntTalk Radio, Randy Newberg Unfiltered: Randy Newberg, longtime hunting TV show host and ardent conservationist, has created a juggernaut with HuntTalk Radio. Randy, being a politically active conservationist, has an enormous amount of experience advocating for hunters rights and habitat protection, and in this show Randy discusses conservation, hunting, and political topics that all relate to hunting across the country. Top notch stuff.

Gritty Bowmen: Gritty Bowmen, hosted by Brian Call and Aron Snyder, has quickly become one of the top hunting podcasts in the world in a very short amount of time. Primarily targeted towards western hunting, Brian interviews all sorts of different hunters and personalities and has a lot of fun doing it.

Nock On Podcast: Avid hunter and tournament archery, John Dudley, shares tons of info related to bowhunting and archery in the increasingly popular Nock On Podcast.

The Rich Outdoors Podcast: Another podcast that seems to be mostly focused on western hunting, Cody Rich is doing a great job producing this new show. Guests have included Guy Eastman, Corey Jacobsen, Remi Warren and many others. Lots of helpful advice that I’ll be going over before my upcoming elk and mule deer hunts.

100% Wild Podcast: Another shameless plug. This is our second podcast, a joint venture between Drury Outdoors and Wired To Hunt, in which we answer listener-submitted questions related to all things deer hunting. In addition to myself and co-host Matt Drury, we’re joined by a variety of different expert guests to add new perspectives on everything from habitat improvement to hunting strategies.

Big Buck Registry: Another long-time whitetail deer hunting focused podcast, the Big Buck Registry is focused on going in-depth with various guests and hearing their best deer hunting stories. If you’re looking for some great stories and a few tips too, this is a good one to check out.

Jay Scott Outdoors: If you’re interested in hunting or fishing out west, this is one of the best podcasts available. Jay interviews some terrific folks in the hunting & fishing world, and he’s putting out new episodes at a breakneck pace.

Nine Finger Chronicles Podcast: My co-host on the Wired To Hunt Podcast launched his own show a few years ago, and he’s doing a great job. Mostly focused on gear, product reviews and hunter profiles – if you’re a whitetail nut, you’ll likely enjoy this one. Additionally, in recent months he’s added several new shows to his lineup covering topics such as habitat improvement and DIY tips and tricks.

Whitetail Watch Podcast: Aaron Warbritton and the guys over at Midwest Whitetail started producing a podcast a few years back and while frequency and consistency of episodes has been unpredictable, the content has all been spot-on.

Conservation Matters with Shane Mahoney: Shane Mahoney is a conservation icon, and his podcast brings many of his keynotes and speeches to your headphones, in which he discusses wildlife, conservation and many other topics relevant to those who respect and revere wild places and animals.

Others Worth Checking Out:

The Hunt Backcountry Podcast: A great western focused podcast, from my friends Mark Huelsing and Steve Speck, focused on backcountry hunting and everything related.

Deer University Podcast: Our friends at the Mississippi State University Deer Lab have launched this podcast focused on deer behavior, management and habitat. Great content for anyone looking for better insights into deer management.

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Podcast and Blast: This one is new, but promising. Host and outdoor writer Hal Herring interviews a number of different hunters/anglers/influencers that are part of the fight to preserve our public land hunting and fishing opportunities.

Petersen’s Bowhunting Radio: Petersen’s Bowhunting Radio was one of the first hunting podcasts I ever listened to. Hosted by Petersen’s Bowhunting Magazine editor Christian Berg, this show includes lots of great hunting episodes, along with a few dedicated more to archery tackle and topics. Almost all the content is great, the only downside is that episodes are produced very rarely. None-the-less, if you go back in the archives you’ll find some good ones from past years.

Keep Hammering with Cameron Hanes: Cameron Hanes, the western bowhunter/athlete/work-out extraordinaire launched a a new podcast last year to very positive reviews. Consistency has been an issue, but when episodes do arrive, they usually cover a lot of different mountain hunting topics, as well as physical fitness, archery, etc.

Hunt Gather Talk with Hank Shaw: A past Wired To Hunt Podcast guest, Hank Shaw is one of the country’s top wild game experts and in his podcast he discusses hunting, cooking and much more.

Full Draw Full Time: Another popular western bowhunting podcast.

The Hunting Beast Podcast: Featuring public land big buck hunting legend Dan Infalt, this podcast goes into nitty gritty detail about how to kill mature, high hunting pressure bucks.

Bowhunting Freedom Podcast: Not really hunting tactic focused, this podcast is actually focused on getting a job in the hunting industry. If you dream of that kind of job, you gotta check this one out.

There are plenty of other podcasts out there, so do you know of any other shows that you think should make the list? Make your case in the comments!