By Mark Kenyon

Are you familiar with Donnie Vincent? If not, you should be. Donnie has quickly become one of the leading voices for hunters that’s being heard outside of our traditional circles. Donnie and his team produce some of the finest quality adventure/hunting films in the industry, but some of thier most impactful work has been targeted to a different crowd. One such example was their film, Who We Are, which became a top pick overall on Vimeo, and was featured by such non-hunting media entities as

Recently, Donnie was selected to work on a new project being put together by the Discovery Channel, called the Seeker Network. And Donnie’s first new film for Seeker is another great hunting piece aimed at educating those that aren’t familiar with our way of life. Check out “The Compassionate Side of Hunting You Never See” below, and be sure to share it with any of your friends or family who might be able to learn a thing or two. Enjoy!

If you want to hear more from Donnie, check out his website, or listen to our fascinating podcast interview with him from last year.