By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday folks!

I’m back in the Midwest after two months in the mountains and excited to dig into some whitetail chores. In the meantime though, I’ve rounded up the best hunting blog posts from across the web this week. So take a look, have a great weekend, and stay wired to hunt!

Thoughts on African Lions, Big Game Trophies, and Hunting in America – Steven Rinella offers some common sense on the lion debacle in Africa.

Make an Easy “Knock-Down” Plot – Field & Stream: Solid advice on quick and dirty food plots.

Benefits of Hinge Cutting for Your Deer Herd – If you’re looking to improve cover for your deer, this method will do it.

How to Scout for Summer Whitetails – Outdoor Life: Some basic summer scouting tips.

Killing Yearling Bucks is OK – Sporting Classics Daily: A few thoughts on the QDMA’s recent video explaining why it might be ok to kill yearling bucks.

My Blind Side – The Sportsman’s Life: A comical look at pop-up blinds.

Don’t Over-think – The Nine Finger Chronicles: My co-host on the podcast offers some advice on avoiding the tangle of over-thinking our hunting strategy.

A Trailcam Kit, the Essentials – Winchester World of Whitetails: Everything you need to bring out with you when checking trail cameras.

Whitetail Moon Phase Hunting Strategy – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: How should the moon impact your hunting plans? Jeff Sturgis has some ideas.

You Don’t Need Big Land to Hunt Big Deer – Deer Hunter’s Moon Guide: Speaking of the moon, here’s some good advice for small property hunters on the Moon Guide website.