By Mark Kenyon

If you follow The Wired To Hunt Podcast, you likely know that my co-host and I are in the midst of a high-stakes competition to see who will get the biggest buck on trail camera this summer. If he wins – he gets to host an episode of the podcast. If I win, he has to buy me beer and wear a Michigan State hat during hunting season.

Unfortunately, at this time my co-host, Dan, is in the lead by a long-shot – as he has numerous bucks over Pope & Young with a couple that are well, well north of that. Me on the other hand, having only been able to check cameras in Michigan so far, and don’t even have a single Pope & Young buck to my name yet this summer.

That said, things are about to change. This weekend I’m heading down to my Ohio farm, where two cameras have been soaking for 3.5 months. And I’ve got very high hopes for what might be on those cameras, as I had numerous big bucks last year that I believe made it through the season.

Take a look at the photos below of the bucks that I believe could still be around (but a full year bigger), and then let me know how much confidence you have in yours truly! Will I win the trail camera bet or will Dan?

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