By Mark Kenyon

Earlier this year I shared a video from Shane Mahoney speaking at the 2015 North American Deer Summit, and I’m going to share another of his presentations today because his message is just that important. In today’s Video of the Day, Shane Mahoney delivers his poignant message of conservation to the crowd at the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership 2015 Western Summit in Bozeman, Montana.

Shane is a renowned public speaker and conservationist, and every time I hear him speak I’m moved to do more for wildlife and wild places – and that’s a powerful thing. His message for hunters and his call to action for all of us as conservationists can not be underestimated – so with all that said, I’d encourage you all to give this short video a watch and to take Shane’s words to heart.

Because as Teddy Roosevelt once said, “there can be no greater issue that than that of conservation in this country.” And we hunters are the engine that moves conservation forward. Never forget that.

If you enjoyed this presentation, be sure to check out Shane’s talk at the 2015 North American Deer Summit, his recent podcast appearance on Randy Newberg’s podcast, and his own website at