By Mark Kenyon

On the second day of the 2011 archery season in Michigan, I encountered a giant six point buck who would come to be one of the most notorious deer I’ve ever hunted – Six Shooter. Two years later I finally was able to put my hands on him. That said, ever since that three year hunt, I’ve had a soft spot for giant framed 6’s, so when I saw today’s video of the day – I instantly knew I had to share it. On top of that, this buck’s frame is incredibly similar to Six Shooter’s (see below), so he’s got me feeling a little nostalgic too!


Given my affinity for big 6’s, I’d be pretty interested in shooting the buck in today’s video – but I’m curious about what you would do. So after watching this great video clip, scroll down and vote in our poll to let us know if you’d shoot or pass!

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