By Mark Kenyon

With hunting seasons opening across the country, hopefully many of you (and I) will have plenty of opportunities to butcher and process some venison in the near future. With that said, I imagine a good number of you might be using a vacuum sealer to package that venison for the freezer – and if you are, or if you’ve ever considered using a vacuum sealer, our video of the day is a must-watch.

In this short video from MeatEater TV host Steven Rinella, we get a breakdown of how to properly vacuum seal our wild game and how to avoid the most common mistakes with these tools. Rinella mentions that he still does not use a vacuum sealer for most of his red meat, but you certainly can. I’ve personally been using the GameSaver Titanium Vacuum Sealer over the past year and have been very impressed. That said, check out this video and you’ll be better prepared to fill the freezer this fall!

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