By Mark Kenyon

Happy hunting season folks! This is the last Friday Morning Mashup I’ll be posting before my hunting season begins, and I’m kinda really pumped up about it. That said, lets get right into it. Below you’ll find our round-up of the top deer hunting blog posts from across the web this week.

Take a look, enjoy, and I’ll catch ya again in a little over a week, after my Idaho elk trip!

Straight Talk From the Deer Guides – Field & Stream: Some interesting ideas, feedback and tips from a number of long-time deer hunting guides.

How to Load a Deer into Your Truck by Yourself – Outdoor Life: If you’ve ever experienced this dilemma yourself, you’ll want to check this vid out.

Shed Shift: How to Find Vanishing Bucks – Rut Reporters: Here’s how to relocate bucks post-velvet drop.

5 Ways to Not Ruin Your Deer Season (While Still Enjoying Your Preseason) – Big Buck Zone: Good ideas from Craig Dougherty.

Killer Calls for Early Season Whitetail – Early season calling can be risky, but sometimes it pays off. Here are a few recommendations.

Trail Cam Placement For Buck ID – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis shares some solid trailcamera placement advice.

How-To Tips for Butchering and Processing Your Own Venison – The Game Changers: Hopefully we’ll all be putting these tips to good use soon.

Deer Science: How A Big Buck Reacts – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: A simple truth.

Is the October Lull Fact or Fiction for Bowhunters? – Outdoor Life: And so begins the October Lull debate …