By Mark Kenyon

With the hunting season well upon us (I still can’t believe it’s actually here), we’ve got a loaded Friday Morning Mashup for ya. As we do every week, we’ve compiled a list of the top deer hunting blog posts from across the web – and dropped them all in one place for you to check out.

So enjoy these blogs, get ready for what should be a great weekend of hunting, and good luck out there!

PS: Check out the photo (above) of Junkyard, on my Ohio property! He started showing back up again in late September and is a studdd. Two weeks and I’ll be back after him!

Three Clues That It’s Time Hunt Your Best Stand – Outdoor Life: My latest for Outdoor Life, which I penned just a few hours before tagging my Michigan buck!

Lull Beaters: Bucks are Adapting to Changes, Will You? – Field & Stream: Some helpful tips for hunting the mid-October lull.

Understanding barometric pressure and how it affects deer movement – Quiver: Insights into how barometric pressure might be influencing deer movement.

October Cold Fronts – Midwest Whitetail: Bill Winke dishes on the importance of October cold fronts – and I agree!

Clean Fields May Be Hurting Midwest Deer Populations – Outdoor Life: Some concerns regarding current agricultural practices and how it might be impacting deer and other wildlife.

How To Film Your Own Hunt – Ever wanted to film your own hunts? Here’s some great advice to get you started.

The Lull Before the Storm – John Eberhart’s Scentlok Blog: John Eberhart’s take on the October Lull.

Hit the Hot Foods to Score Now – Rut Reporters: Scott Bestul shares updates from across the upper Midwest and how to be hunting right now.

10 Reasons You’ve Never Killed A Good Buck – Antler Geeks: Still haven’t tagged the type of buck you’re after? This might be why …

Using Trail Cameras To Locate Post Summer Bucks – DeerLab Blog: Solid advice from past podcast guest Steve Flores.

Top 5 Mature Buck Movement Triggers – Whitetail Habitat By Design: Jeff Sturgis on the main deer movement triggers.