By Mark Kenyon

We talk about it all the time on Wired To Hunt, but it’s worth repeating. One of the absolute keys to success when hunting mature bucks is properly timing your hunts. And a huge part of understanding that timing (when to hunt at all and when to hunt your best spots) is related to weather. This concept has been a bedrock of my growth and increased success as a deer hunter and I believe it’s the same for most anyone out there who is consistently killing mature bucks.

That said, in a recent video from outdoor writer Steve Bartylla, this concept is explained and hammered home again in a clear-cut fashion. If you’re still trying to understand how to use weather to help you plan those hunts – give this one a watch!

And if you’re interested in hearing more from Steve, be sure to check out our full podcast episode with him…

Ep #22: Patterning Mature Bucks w/Steve Bartylla