By Mark Kenyon

Happy pre-rut folks – it’s just about here! That said, as we do every week, we’ve rounded up the top hunting blog posts from across the web in one place for your reading pleasure. Hopefully you’ll find a few helpful ideas in these posts that can help you on your upcoming hunts. And speaking of upcoming hunts – our last three blog posts on Wired To Hunt are specifically geared towards helping you hunt these final days in October – so if you missed those, be sure to check them out too.

Good luck out there and stay Wired To Hunt!

Late October help from Wired To Hunt:

Mark & Terry Drury On Hunting the Last Week of October

3 Tips for Hunting the Final 3rd of October

Jeff Sturgis, Killer Cold Fronts & Forecasting the Rut

Top Blog Posts from Across the Web:

Understanding Whitetail Home Ranges and Core Areas – Whitetail Experience: A helpful prier on buck home/core ranges.

National Summary: Final Shakeup Before the Big Show – Rut Reporters: Scott Bestul rounds-up rutting action so far from across the country.

October 19th Weekly Midwest Whitetail Rut Forecast – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis takes a look at the weekly forecast and offers his insight on what the best hunting days will be.

Preparing for the Upcoming Pre-rut – John Eberhart’s Scentlok blog: John Eberhart (did you see the buck he killed last week??) shares his advice on prepping for the upcoming pre-rut.

The Difference A Year Can Make – Interesting comparison of a buck’s pictures from last year to now.

Too Fat To Believe? – Antler Geeks: Holy smokes. Check out this super fatty of a buck.

Nine Finger Chronicles Podcast – The Nine Finger Chronicles: My Wired To Hunt Podcast co-host has launched his own gear-focused podcast. Check it out here.

What Makes a Buck Mature? – Charles Alsheimer shares some lessons learned about mature bucks.

Inspect a Deer’s Rumen To Locate the Hottest Food Sources – Outdoor Life: What can you learn from examining a deer’s stomach contents?

3 Rut Cruising Setups for Rutting Bucks – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Time to start thinking the rut, and Jeff Sturgis has three set-ups worth considering.

Deer Season Takes Off – A Sportsman’s Life: A great deer story from the always interesting Bill Heavey.