By Mark Kenyon

I’ve always liked Mark Drury. His and Terry Drury’s shows and DVDs have always been some of my favorites; having great stories, seeming down to earth, and full of genuine insight into their hunting tactics and philosophies. But then, this summer, after getting to interview Mark for the Wired To Hunt Podcast, my respect and admiration for the Drury’s went to a new level. The information shared in that podcast episode (and “Brother Terry’s) was so impressive and helpful that it has not only profoundly changed some of my very own ideas about hunting, but also dozens and dozens of podcast listeners. The response we’ve gotten from listeners of that show has just been mind-blowing.

So with all that said, now that I’ve gotten an inside look at how Mark thinks about hunting big bucks and gotten to get to know him a little personally (speaking of, he seems to be a really good guy too), seeing him have success in the field means a little more. And this week, he had some SERIOUS success. In fact, he killed his biggest buck ever, and the highest scoring buck ever to be killed by a Drury Outdoors team member with a bow. A 211 4/8” mega-giant!

Take a look at the photo and the video below, which shows actual footage from the hunt and Mark and Taylors thoughts and reactions to this incredible deer. It’s well worth your time! And for more details and photos, visit the Drury Outdoors journal entry.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.59.12 PM


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