By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday folks! Hopefully most of you are planning on hitting the woods this weekend, as this can be a terrific time of year to fill a tag. Across much of the country, the dreaded “lockdown” phase of the rut is likely winding down, so get ready for those bucks to get back on the move and looking for a final doe or two.

That said, if you’re stuck at work and need a deer hunting fix, we’ve got you covered. Check out our round-up of the best deer hunting blog posts from across the web this week!

How to Hunt a Hot-Then-Cold Whitetail Rut – Outdoor Life: A recent piece I wrote recounting an important lesson learned from my 2015 rutcation.

Hacking The Rut – Outdoor Life: This is a pretty cool article I put together for Outdoor Life’s print edition that explores several popular “life hacks” that can be applied to hunting during the rut (or any time for that matter)

Stay Mobile For Rutty Bucks – There’s still rutting action to be had, and being mobile can get you on the bucks.

8 Reasons Your Rut Hunt Stunk – Has your rutcation ended without a filled tag? This might be why.

Stuck In A Rut: Make Or Break Moves For November – More advice for capitalizing on the final days of the November rut.

National Summary: Breeding Peaks, Big Bucks Still Vulnerable – Rut Reporters: Scott Bestul shares some national updates on the status of the rut across the country.

New Land and Water Conservation Fund Plan Omits Critical Public-Land Acquisition – Outdoor Life: The Land and Water Conservation Fund is something you may have never heard of, but you should dig into it now, because it’s a powerful tool for conservation that’s seriously at risk. You, me and all over sportsmen and women need to chime in to keep it alive!

Fight for Land and Water Conservation Fund Is One That Sportsmen Can Win – Field & Stream: More on this very important conservation issue. Get involved!

And if you’re looking for some specific insight into how to hunt these final days of November, check out these 3 blog posts from Wired To Hunt:

How To Kill A Buck During The Second Half of November

4 Tips for Late Rut Success

Thanksgiving Bucks – The Power of the Late Rut Phases