By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday guys and gals. Another late season weekend is upon us and while I’m stuck with warm weather here in Michigan, there’s still deer out there. My plan is to get after some does. Hopefully you’ll be in the woods too!

If not though, we’ve got some great whitetail reading for you, as we’ve compiled our list of the top deer hunting blog posts from across the web. Take a look, enjoy, and good luck in the woods!

The Coming Weeks of Deer Hunting Could Be Better Than the Rut – Outdoor Life: My latest for Outdoor Life, I discuss some of Neil Dougherty’s thoughts on late season hunting, why it can be so great, and what criteria are necessary to make it so.

Warm Weather? Think Out of the Box – Field & Stream: Advice for hunting the late season in warm conditions.

Calling BS on the “Stop the Shoot” Propaganda – Deer Michigan: Thoughts on the animal rights propaganda being spread in eastern Michigan, in response to a recent deer cull.

Winterize Your Hunting Gear – How to make sure your gear is ready for winter hunting.

A Triple Drop Tine Dream Buck – One heck of a big buck!

Mature Buck Book is Here! – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: My friend and past podcast guest Jeff Sturgis has published his third book, and it looks to be a great one, focused on mature buck hunting tactics. Definitely worth checking out.

The Undeniable Upland Benefits of Habitat Conservation on Farms and Ranches – CRP is obviously big for upland birds, but it’s also an important whitetail habitat, and we’re losing a lot of it. This article provides a good primer on CRP, something that all hunters should understand and be fighting to protect.

Holiday Meal: How to Butcher a Rack of Venison – The Wild Chef: How to prep one heck of a holiday meal.