By Mark Kenyon

Another week, another few sits in the stand, and another few days closer to the end of the 2015 hunting season. It sure goes fast, doesn’t it?

None-the-less, as we do every week, we’ve rounded up the best deer hunting related blog posts from across the web. Take a look at the links below, have a great weekend and stay wired to hunt!

Meat Manifesto: The Future of Hunting Depends On Our Advocacy of Wild Protein – Outdoor Life: If you heard Episode #83 of The Wired To Hunt Podcast, you know who Shane Mahoney is. In this article Shane talks in detail about the importance of our wild harvest of meat, and what it means for the future of hunting.

Wildlife Habitat is About to Get a $3.5-Billion Boost – TRCP Blog: An update on recent legislation agreed upon in congress that should benefit wildlife and habitat across the country.

4 Ways to Fill the Freezer When Deer Season is Nearly Over – Big Buck Zone: My latest for Outdoor Life, I break down 4 steps to filling your freezer in the final days of the season.

How to Take Great Field Photos – Midwest Whitetail: Some sound advice on taking quality photos with your kills.

Randy Newberg talks with Dr. Don Thomas – HuntTalk Radio: An important podcast from Randy Newberg in which he chats with Don Thomas, the writer who was controversially terminated from his role writing for Ducks Unlimited recently because of an article he wrote for another magazine, criticizing a landowner’s efforts to stop public access to the Ruby River, who coincidentally also was a big Ducks Unlimited donor. Censoring of the outdoor media and public access are the big topics here, and important ones for everyone to hear about.

The Top Conservation Stories and #WildlifeWins of 2015 – TRCP blog: Highlights of some of the greatest conservation issues and wins for 2015. It’s good to stay abreast of this kind of stuff, and then get more engaged next year!

How to Dissect a Deer’s Rumen and Identify Top Food Sources, Pt. 2 – Big Buck Zone: A fascinating look at how we can examine the stomach contents of a deer to learn more about its habits.

Colorado’s Big Secret: Public Hunting Land That’s Closed to Public Hunting – Open Country: Another deep-dive into a public lands issue that all hunters should be aware of.

Beat the Frigid Late Season Weather – John Eberhart: Some sound advice from John Eberhart of battling the elements in the late season. While I personally wear other clothing than he recommends, the basic layering ideas are sound.

Your Must-Do List for the Off-Season – TRCP blog: Even though hunting season is almost over, there’s lots to do in the coming months.