By Mark Kenyon

It’s crazy, but 2015 is nearly behind us. And while they say that time flies when you’re having fun, it’s also true that it flies when you’re writing a ton of stuff for your website – and that I have done. Dozens and dozens and dozens of articles in fact. So many that I’ve probably forgotten quite a few. And maybe you have too.

That said, today I figured we should recap some of the top articles from 2015, just in case you’re new or missed a few along the way. This list includes some of our most popular, most impactful and most read articles from the past 12 months. So take a look, read on, and enjoy!

2015’s Best Online Hunting Shows, Films and Destination Sites: Viewers of TV and films are moving online at a break-neck pace, and the trend is happening in the hunting world too. In this article I breakdown the best shows, films and sites for online hunting video.

Why Do We Put Dead Animals On Our Walls?: Many non-hunters have a hard time understanding why we put antlers and mounts on our walls. This is my attempt to answer that question, maybe it will help you next time you’re asked the same.

70 Instagram Accounts All Hunters Should Be Following: Here are 70 great accounts to add to your Instagram feed – be prepared for some epic hunts/animals/wilderness photos.

Just Do Something: Looking for the secret to making your next deer hunting season a success? Read this article and take action on it as often as possible.

11 Steps to a Perfect Deer Hunting Treestand Set-Up: A comprehensive look at all the intricate aspects of a treestand set-up that will lead to success.

Stop Letting Big Bucks on TV Screw With Your Head: A successful hunting season, in many cases, is dependent on proper goals and expectations leading into that season. TV sometimes screws that up though.

Top 10 Best Deer Hunting Towns in America: Looking to move to a more whitetail friendly location? Here are 10 of the best options.

“Trophy Hunting” – A Failure of Vocabulary: Is “trophy hunting” the right terminology to describe what I do? I don’t believe so.

8 Steps to Being An Awful Shed Hunting Partner: A half joking/half serious look at the keys to being an awful shed hunting partner.

4 Tips for Answering the “Why Do You Hunt?” Question: Have you ever been asked why you hunt and then struggled to articulate your response the way you really wanted to? This article might help.

2015 Rut Predictions – Early Rut Action Expected: One of our most popular articles every year, our examination of the 2015 rut predictions and theories might be worth revisiting. Take a look and see if your actual observations lined up with what the experts had to say.