By Mark Kenyon

With the year wrapping up shortly, we’ve looking back at some of our best content from 2015. Yesterday we recapped our top 10 articles of the year, and today we’re going to do the same for podcasts.

It’s been a heck of a year for The Wired To Hunt Podcast, as we’ve covered some really important topics, interviewed incredible guests, and shared strategies that have helped both Dan & I and hopefully you too. Of all the episodes we’ve recorded though, the ten below stand out above the rest.

Some of these episodes are focused on in-depth deer hunting strategies, while others instead are more geared towards conservation and our responsibilities as hunter-conservationists. One thing they all have in common though is that you’re going to enjoy listening to them, maybe even multiple times. So check out our Top 10 podcasts of the year, please share a few of these episodes with any friends of yours that haven’t discovered the podcast yet, and then simply kick back and enjoy!

Wired To Hunt Podcast #63 – Predicting Deer Movement w/Mark Drury: Proclaimed by many listeners as one of the most helpful deer hunting resources EVER, this podcast dives deep into the mind of Mark Drury and what you learn will likely change how you deer hunt forever.

Wired To Hunt Podcast #41 – The Current State of Whitetails in North America w/Kip Adams: An in-depth look at the state of whitetails in our country and the various challenges they face.

Wired To Hunt Podcast #65 – Butchering & Cooking Venison w/Hank Shaw: Some great advice from wild game extraordinaire Hank Shaw on cleaning, butchering, processing and cooking great venison.

Wired To Hunt Podcast #54 – Being A Hunter-Conservationist w/Steven Rinella: Acclaimed author and host of Meateater TV, Steven Rinella shares some great insight into our responsibility as hunter-conservationists in today’s society.

Wired To Hunt Podcast #62 – Hunting Highly Pressured Deer w/John Eberhart: If you hunt deer in a heavily pressured state, John Eberhart’s advice will change your game.

Wired To Hunt Podcast #72 – Randy Newberg, Conservation, Politics and Hunter Ethics: Randy Newberg bears all when it comes to important political, conservation and ethics-related issues that pertain to hunting.

Wired To Hunt Podcast #67 – A Trail Camera Master Class w/Don Higgins: Advanced tactics for using trail cameras to learn and hunt mature bucks.

Wired To Hunt Podcast #78 – The Science of the Whitetail Rut w/Matt Ross: A deep-dive into what the research says about mature buck behavior and the whitetail rut.

Wired To Hunt Podcast #69 – Adam Hays on Killing 200″ Bucks and the Moon Effect: Adam Hays, one of the most accomplished deer hunters in America, shares with us how he’s killed three 200″ bucks and his theories on how the moon impacts deer behavior.

Wired To Hunt Podcast #83 – Shane Mahoney and the History & Future of Hunting in North America: Maybe our most important episode yet, you simply have to hear Shane Mahoney’s message for hunters. And then hear it again.